Estate Law

Making decisions for the future can be difficult. Creating a Last Will & Testament will help to confirm your decisions and remove some stress from loved ones in the future.  

Trusts also confirm your decisions and can allow for a smooth transition of assets within the trust.  There are different types of trusts, so it is important to discuss what your goals are so we can set up the best plan for you and your loved ones. 

Elder Law

What happens if a situation occurs where you cannot make a decision for yourself? Is there someone designated to legally make decisions for you? Does that person know your wishes in various scenarios? Do you have a backup to that designated loved one?

Many times we plan for what happens once we pass, but our plans and lives can change in an instant where we need help.  We will work with you to create a Power of Attorney to help with financial decisions, an Advance Directive for Health Care to assist with medical decisions, and a Living Will to discuss your medical wishes in an emergency situation. 

Special Needs 

Special Needs Trusts, sometimes called Supplemental Needs Trusts, can help protect our special needs loved ones.  Is your loved one on government benefits? What happens if they inherit an amount that would cause their benefits to end?  We will be happy to discuss protections and plan for their future.